29.09.2018 Code Red FM Radioshow w/ BEEZD, royalflash & Mstr. Greenbærg

Die näch­ste Ladung unser­er Radioshow zum Nach­hören, Teilen und Abfeiern: 3 Stun­den Drum & Bass liebevoll und live für euch über den Äther gemischt.


Fea­tured Tracks
  • Res­o­lu­tion by Malaky
  • Astro­naut by L‑Side
  • Phoenix by Hybrid Minds, Alexa Harley
  • City Lights by Nelver
  • Noth­ing But by Arti­fi­cial Intelligence
  • Per­spec­tive by Volatile Cycle
  • Every­thing by Muf­fler
  • Inside My Soul (Fric­tion & Nu Bal­ance Remix) by Logis­tics
  • Akai by Der­rick & Tonika
  • Don’t For­get by Maduk
  • Brown Shoes by Nu:Logic
  • No Hur­ry Time by Logis­tics
  • I Love You by Der­rick & Tonika
  • Far Cry by Mys­tic State
  • Splat­ta (feat Fox) by Richie Brains
  • Thrift Shop (Maduk Remix) by Mack­le­more & Ryan Lewis
  • Vec­tors by HLZ
  • Dis­miss (feat Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence) by Com­mand Strange
  • Sweat by For­eign Concept
  • Move This Way by Kyrist And Doc­u­ment One
  • Trans­vi­sion by Brusten
  • In & Out by Dis­as­zt, Phen­tix & Patch Edison
  • Pre­set 42 by State Of Mind
  • Don’t by D Iolax
  • Robot (Insid­e­In­fo remix) by Four­ward
  • Impuls (feat Phace) by Mefjus
  • Leib­niz by Insid­e­in­fo, Mefjus
  • Revolver by Dex­tems
  • The Mes­sage by Pro­lix, Black Sun Empire
  • Mr Han­ky by State Of Mind And Neonlight
  • Ener­gize by Sequen­tial
  • Break­ing Point by Mean Teeth
  • Warp by Telekine­sis
  • Sleaze­bag by Mefjus
  • Jeal­ousy by Red­pill
  • Hay­mak­er by Pythius
  • Look Out (feat Nuk­lear) by Telekine­sis
  • Necron­aks by Fa11out
  • Crunch Time by Merikan
  • Pil­low Punch­er by Syn­er­gy, Signal
  • Sys­tem Fail­ure by Bil­lain & RedPill
  • Under Con­trol by Bl4ck Owlz
  • Num­bers by Telekine­sis And Jade
  • Pass Out by Zom­bie Cats
  • Vision (Dis­pho­nia remix) by Tr Tactics
  • Unre­al (DubApe remix) by Tr Tactics
  • Mag­got (Zom­bie Cats remix) by TR Tac­tics & The Clamps
  • Ice Cold (feat Hijak MC) by Kur­si­va
  • Fuck It by TR Tac­tics & DisasZt
  • Dark Mat­ter by Tr Tactics
  • M The­o­ry (Audio remix) by Mazte
  • Raw by Kut­lo
  • Man Eat­ing Lizard Drag­on (DNB VIP) by Jade
  • Snout by North Base
  • Stone Cold by L 33
  • Mon­sters by Ted­dy Killerz
  • Anoth­er Day Anoth­er Life by Dub Defense
  • The Chase by The Clamps, Tasha Baxter
  • Hor­net (VIP) by Ali­bi
  • Afflic­tion by For­eign Concept
  • Don’t You Care (orig­i­nal mix) by Basic Forces & Subdivision
  • Out An Bad by Chim­po
  • Rebel Spir­it by Dub Phizix
  • No Grav­i­ty by Inja & Anile
  • The View (feat LSB & Tyler Daley) by DRS

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Veranstalter & Soundmischer aus Stuttgart | Mitglied bei Breakin' Bad Stgt & Code Red | Genres: Drum'n'Bass, HalfStep, UK Grime, Jungle, Breakbeat, Bass Music, GhettoFunk, ...

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